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For today’s blog I decided to show you my nail polishes that I recently purchased for the month of August !
Every month I usually buy around 5 to 8 new nail polishes to try out I usually don’t buy any during the month since I already have so many and I already spend so much on them ! This way helps me to use my nail polishes and not spend so much on them !
The nail wheel /last post is from Sally’s beauty supply store ! And is only one coat of each polish !

Nail polishes
1-Sally Hanson xtreme wear in the shade 235 supernova for 2.99

2-NYC in the shade Lincoln square lavender for 1 50

2-NYC matte top coat in the shade matte me crazy for 1 50 or 2 for 3 dollars

3-Sally Hanson xtreme wear in the shade 420 pacific blue for 2.99

4-Sally Hanson xtreme wear in the shade 425 pink satin for 2.99

5-Sally Hanson xtreme wear in the shade 370 black out for 2.99

6-NYC long wearing in the shade 140 Empire State blue for 1.99 

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-Michelle keeler

Welcome to my blog ! For today’s blog I have decided to show you my outfit of the day ! Nothing to fancy since i am just hanging with the family !
Hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas on how to style and wear different things !

White crop top - stitches 5$
Shorts -
From my last ootd and I just made them !
Cardigan - forever 21 given as a gift !
Stud wrap bracelet-stitches 4$
Jesus tile Bracelet-Claire’s 1$ on sale
Chain bow bag - local boutique shop my friend had purchased it for me !

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-Michelle keeler

Welcome to my blog !
Today’s blog is all about my August favourites ! I hope you can get to try some of these products and that this gives you a little more inspiration !

1-couture couture perfume by juicy couture -This product was extremely expensive considering how small it is but it has an amazing smell ! I got mine from winners for 30 dollars I believe !
2-cashmere glow by bath &body works is by far one of my favourite scents ! It’s so affordable to buy and I love that it’s an all year around scent !
3- Sally Hansen hard as nails xtreme wear are one of my favourite brands of nail polishes and I was lucky enough to get around to trying the shade 420 pacific blue. The colour comes off so amazingly and how affordable these nail polishes are it makes you love the nail polish even more. The black one is in 370 blackout ! Both nail polishes were only 2 99 each !
4- bandanas have been my go to hair style ! I find them so easy to wear ! I usually wear them when my hair is up in a bun although there are days I could wear them when my hair is down ! I got mine just from micheals and am literally so happy I picked these up! I do believe they were only 4 dollars for one !
5- Pantene anti - humidity hair spray maximum hold is one of my favourite hairsprays to use during the heat wave ! I find it Doesn’t make your hair feel hard and since I always go on vacation where it’s so humid you can’t even breath this spray comes with huge help !
6-plum lily swirl shower gel by bath & body works has become one of my favourite scents as well and lately I have been obsessed with shower gels so if you haven’t yet tried body shower gels try to pick one up especially during summer !
7-sunglasses are from urban planet! I don’t wear much sun glasses so I don’t have much to say but these are my go to shades for this summer ! They are not that big yet not to small so I love them !
8 - hair bows ! I finally got around to trying these out and next to my bandanas they are my favourite hairstyle to use during the summer ! They are easy to use and there are so many ways to use them ! A plus is that they are so cheap … Some of them !
9-chi volume booster literally makes
My hair feel so
Light and great and gives it such a great scent ! It’s the only product I use on my hair next to my hair spray and shampoo and conditioner ! I don’t have much to say about it since I did recently purchase it !
10-ponds cream for dry skin I recently pulled this out of my crap ahah and I love it when I get spray tans because it makes the tan last so much more longer ! almost about 3 days more then my other Lotions just because its so moisturizing ! I do recommend this product !
11- last but not least are my knuckle rings that I recently purchased from Clair’s ! Not much to say about them other then I love them and they go with almost every outfit that I wear !

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-Michelle keeler

Welcome to my blog ! 
I recently went to the mall and I decided to show you what I got ! 

Sorry for the hair on the clothes ! It’s just dog hair… that hair goes EVERYWHERE !

There will
 be a second part to this post and that’s where all prices and where I had bought the items will be ! 
I hope you guys enjoy this post and get some inspiration or ideas from it ! Thanks. 

-Michelle Keeler

Haul part 2 

Hair bows -black & floral one are from urban planet -2.50 $ & pink one is from forever 21-1.80 $

Body spray -from bath and body works for 2.50 $ each

Owl bracelet-4.00 on sale from garage rings-from Claire’s for 4.27 $
Tile bracelet -from Claire’s for 3.25$
Cross bracelet-from Claire’s for 3.00$

Jean jacket /sweater- garage on sale for 20 $

Ombré top- forever 21 on sale for 23 $
Plain white and grey shirt - forever 21 on sale for 13.99
Grey long sleeve shirt - garage on sale for 10 $
White blouse - ardenes on sale for 13 $
Grey high low skirt - ardenes on sale for 13 $

Juicy couture perfume -30 $ from winners
Makeup set - winners 10 $
NYC nail polish - 2 $ Walmart
Chi hair spray - 12.99 $
Makeup sponge 6.99
Candle - bath and body works 21$

Clutch -ardenes 12 $
Floral head band -urban planet 2.50 $
Pink chain purse - ardenes 12 $
Black chain purse - little boutique for 23 $
Los Angeles shirt - winners 12.99 $
Moon &back shirt - winners 12.99 $

hey guys ! Welcome to my blog ! For todays blog I decide to show you my outfit of the day !

sorry if the photos are not that high quality!

 Top- Is from Ardenes 5.00 dollars

shorts - I bought high wasted jeans at the thrift store and the brand of them are just old navy and they were 3.99 ! And the studs I got off of eBay for 99 cents.

Belt-Garage 7.99

Necklace-Urban outfitters although you can get these almost ANYWHERE ! aha 10.99

Bracelet- Claire’s 1.00

Hope you get an idea from my outfit or it helps you get inspired ! Have a great day !

                                                                            -Michelle Keeler

5 things to try this summer ! simple and in-expensive !

1-Shopping ! You will always have a reason to do so whether its back to school shopping or summer shopping !

2-Make a blog ! Its what I did and I love it ! Check out tumblr ,BlogSpot or blogger …there free to a certain degree and they are amazing websites to start with !

3- Picnic with friends ! Its cheap, easy and fun ! Have all your friends bring something delicious to eat & make a memory ! …Maybe pack better food then the one in my picture ahah !

4-Catch up on reading! Although it may sound a bit boring ,try finding a book that you really enjoy and who knows you might have just found yourself a new hobby !

Last but not least !

5-Make a bucketlist ! Its a great way to get your friends together to enjoy the summer ! Check out what my friends and I put on ours for some ideas !

-Michelle Keeler

have an amazing summer !

Sunday review Sunday July ,14 1013

product/name- urban decay 24/7 glide on shadow pencil

color/shade- mushroom

price- 19.00 dollars

other colors/shades- 10 other shades to choose from.

waterproof- yes in a way

welcome to my blog ! For sunday review I decided to review urban decay 24/7 glide on shadow pencil! This is my very first time trying an eye shadow pencil so I was very excited yet I had very high expectations only because it was kind of expensive since its my very first shadow stick and that it is urban decay!

The color pay off was outstanding ! The color came off the stick exactly how it looked on the stick ….it was very pigmented!

They were so easy to blend and they came off the stick onto you eye so smoothly and clean no chucks came off as I glided it onto my eye lid.

I loved that they were so easy and quick to apply and I could easily experiment on different ways on applying it to my eye!

They were so lasting and that was great although at night it came a bit tricky to take off during night .

The only thing I didn’t like about this product was that you needed a large sharpener to sharpen it .

note- Although I did enjoy this product if you are wondering about buying this product don’t forget to keep in mind that the product pay off may not be as great as mine did for many reasons, though I do really recommend purchasing this item ! thanks

-Michelle Keeler

Welcome to my blog ! My name is Michelle but many people call me Mitch for short .Only 14 years old living in a large city called Calgary ! I started this blog with high ambition and tons of plans and ideas ! Although I may be young with my supportive friends working by my side they are giving me the fresh eye to make sure the work I put in this blog is the best work I can give you with the little tools I have . My blog is mostly representing my girly side which is most beauty and fashion ! I hope you can learn a few things ! Ps please don’t mind my classmate in the back of the picture ;) - Michelle 💕